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Arihanta Academy’s vision is that Jain philosophy and practice will become more widely known, appreciated, and adopted through enhanced and accessible education in Jain teachings and practice.

Acharya Sushil Kumar

The inspiration behind this vision is a profound message from Acharya Sushil Kumar, one of the most revered Jain monks of recent time – a pioneer who travelled outside of India to globally promote Jain philosophy and the message of peace and brotherhood. He stated:

I firmly believe in the profound impact of spirituality on society’s cultural, social, and political fabric. Only ahiṁsā and peaceful means can provide lasting solutions for human disputes and environmental problems we currently face.

The teachings of Lord Tīrthaṅkaras will reverse the downward spiral of human quality, and we must do everything possible to make the world aware of their venerated wisdom. Along with the temples of worship, we must create temples of learning by establishing high-quality institution(s) to teach Jain philosophy and promote the esteemed Jain scholarship. This is crucial not only for the flourishment of Jain dharma but for the survival of humanity.”