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Yoga & Meditation for Daily Life – Stress Management

Course Number: 1002

Yoga & Meditation for Daily Life – Stress Management

Length: 20 hours Self-Study (Professor available by appointment in office hours)

This class will engage in a practical dialogue between modern issues and techniques of stress relief and Jain meditative practices that address daily life concerns. The class seeks to bring the conceptual framework of the textual tradition of Jain yoga to life by engaging in contemplative practices that have been practiced since ancient times across various dharma traditions.

Together, we will work on structuring a daily routine that simultaneously seeks to manage the various features in our lives that cause us stress, demonstrating how the lived experience of Jain yoga can bring us deeper insights into the teachings of this ancient wisdom tradition. Through structured practices, this course engages the practitioner deeply with the Jain tradition with contemplative practices and mindfulness training in a way that supports our self-care in the fast pace of modern life.