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Jain Path to Jain Way Of Living

Course Number: 103

Jain Path to Jain Way Of Living

Dates and Times: Saturdays Feb 11, Feb 18, Feb 25 & Mar 4, 2023, 9:00-10:30 Am Pacific Time

The course incorporates Jain core values as derived from the Tattvartha Sutra and shares Jain philosophy, principles and practices with participants.

Our goal is to help people learn to live a Jain Way of Life with greater happiness and equanimity. The sessions will bring alive and simplify Jain Philosophy of Soul and Karma and Jain Principles of Ahimsa, Anekantvad, and Aparigraha using new paradigms. From these core beliefs we will connect to our modern day Jain Way of Life practices. Also, we will discuss and share Jain content with participants.

Enroll now, course will be available on February 11, 2023