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Sanjay Gubbi, PhD

Sanjay Gubbi, PhD

Wildlife Biologist, Conservationist, and Author Bangalore, India

Meet Sanjay Gubbi, Wildlife Biologist, Conservationist, and Author from Bangalore India. Listen to how Sanjay’s Jain background informs his professional life as a Wildlife Biologist, and identify some of the distinct challenges his career has posed in light of his Jain values.

Highlights of Interview with Sanjay Gubbi

Sanjay Gubbi – Full Length Interview

Interview Segments

  1. About Sanjay Gubbi
  2. Panel Introductions
  3. Jain Philosophy & Science
  4. Jainism & Ecology
  5. Non-Violence in Wildlife
  6. Opposing Beliefs
  7. Passing on Teachings
  8. Population Decline
  9. Work Conflicts with Jainism