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Arihanta Academy

Learn to Apply Eternal Knowledge to Build a Lifestyle of Compassion and Non-violence

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Cultivate compassion
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in Daily Life

Live Online Learning Courses – Fall 2022

Ahimsa, Animal Advocacy, and Veganism
Beyond Vegetarianism: Jain Veganism and Ahiṃsā in a Changing World
Embodying Nonviolence: Mahatma Gandhi’s Jain Influences
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Self-paced Online Learning

Jain Philosophy in Daily Life

Christopher Jain Miller, PhD

Yoga Sūtra: The Classical Yoga of Patañjali

Christopher Jain Miller, PhD

Yoga & Meditation for Daily Life – Stress Management

Cogen Bohanec, MA, PhD

Introduction to Jain Philosophy

Cogen Bohanec, MA, PhD

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